Hitachi and Johnson Controls JV switches to single global data platform

Air conditioning and building controls supplier has adopted single software technology across global operations to better utilise data in decision making

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Magazine

The Johnson Controls–Hitachi Air Conditioning joint venture will make use of a single unified Intellectual Property (IP) software platform in a bid to improve efficiency and data access for its global operations.

Johnson Controls and Hitachi Air Conditioning formed their joint venture in 2015 as a means to better combine Hitachi’s capabilities in manufacturing variable refrigerant flow systems and residential air-conditioning solutions with Johnson’s expertise in HVAC and building automation.

The company said it has opted to introduce an IP platform provided by software group Anaqua with the aim of making more effective global decisions and management concerning cooling technologies.

The venture will make use of the single IP platform to support invoice, cost tracking and analytics functions to overhaul planning and management of the products and patents it offers around the world, according to Karen Taylor, Anaqua’s general manager of Asia Pacific operations.


 “As the worldwide joint-company took shape, the company became concerned about global operating efficiency and security implications and decided to move all their IP management matters to Anaqua,” said Ms Taylor.

The technology is expected to support the joint venture in managing its patents, trademarks and new innovations across its Asian, European and American markets.

Adoption of the new software reflected efforts by the cooling systems company to overcome concerns about operating efficiency and security on a global scale. Johnson Controls–Hitachi Air Conditioning has therefore decided to move all its IP management functions onto what it describes as a multi-lingual software solution that can bring together and analyse different sets of data and how they relate to system efficiency.

Anaqua describes itself as a privately held company that was founded in 2004 from key IP decision makers with experience working with Coca-Cola, the Ford Motor Company and British American Tobacco.