Merger of market leaders

The two largest IP analytics software companies, Anaqua and Lecorpio, have merged. Barney Dixon speaks to Anaqua CEO Bob Romeo to find out more

Wednesday, August 23, 2017
IP Pro Patents

By Barney Dixon

 What the focus behind Anaqua’s merger with Lecorpio? What is it planning to provide?

Both Anaqua and Lecorpio are deeply committed to the same mission of providing best in class intellectual property management software solutions. Both companies have a deep history of innovation and we believe that we are the two premiere software companies in our space.

When we bring those together, the newly combined company is going to further empower corporations and law firms with enhanced tools to streamline their operations and gain insight. For us, this is critical. Our software provides our clients with a significant return on investment by improving efficiencies and saving them time and money. We combine our software with content analytics that helps our customers understand not only their IP portfolio, but the value of their portfolio in the market. We focus on maximising the value of those IP assets.

There is some overlap between Anaqua and Lecorpio, both in terms of technology and geographic coverage, but there are also some areas that are unique. First and foremost, we’re going to take the best of the Lecorpio software and the best of the Anaqua software and bring it together to create a next-generation platform. We have a unique opportunity to take what we both do well and add to it.

Right now, we’re maintaining the Lecorpio brand name and running it as an Anaqua company. Later down the line, we’re going to commission a brand transition team to decide on the right branding and how and when to apply it.

What attracted us to Lecorpio was it DNA (which, like Anaqua’s is rooted in innovation and customer service), its software and technology knowledge, and its customer base. There are a number of reasons we want to combine and make ourselves larger. After the merger, we’ll have 1,000 customers worldwide, and a larger and growing global footprint. We believe that the combined company will manage 25 percent of global IP. We’re currently strongest in the US, followed by Europe, and then Asia, which is a big emerging market for us. We’ve got clients in Japan, Taiwan and China. We’re there today and we’re going to expand our presence tomorrow.

How will Anaqua’s merger with Lecorpio improve its current services?

In a couple of ways. One, when we’re building that next-generation platform, it will be available to our established customer base. In addition, we’ve got the combined resources, experience and expertise that will enhance our ability to serve our customers. Anaqua has certain services that Lecorpio did not, such as annuity payments and search services that we are now going to be able to offer to Lecorpio customers as well.

We’re always looking to continue to expand our services. There is a possibility that we will incorporate additional services, but we think that today we have a pretty full service offering and in the interim our goal is to continue to grow our services for our existing customers and prospective ones as well.

What’s in store in the future for the combined company?

Right now, it’s about bringing both businesses together, making sure we fulfill our promises in terms of the next-generation platform. In the near future, we’re really going to be focusing on fulfilling our vision in providing the strongest software platform on the market. We’re absolutely delighted by this merger. We’ve got a larger Anaqua family, we’ve got an expanded blue-chip customer base and we’re really focused on making sure that we provide the best service available through this transition, continue to support the Lecorpio platform and ensure we are providing our customers with the best workflow solutions. We’re really excited about what the future holds for us and our customers.