About Our Client Community

When the IP executives from British American Tobacco and Ford wrote what became the original specification for the ANAQUA platform, they defined a new class of enterprise software. They also set the stage for a company culture that empowers its clients with direct influence on product development.

Anaqua fosters a unique model that gives clients more direct influence into the product roadmap than traditional software vendors. As a matter of fact, many of Anaqua’s ideas are derived directly from client environments. That spirit is rekindled at our annual conference, a three day event, packed with client led sessions. The Anaqua User Conference (AUC) is a family reunion of sorts, where industry peers come together to share best practices and become better at their craft. This powerful combination sets Anaqua apart - providing our clients with a better opportunity to succeed in turning IP into a competitive advantage.

The Anaqua Annual User Conference

Clients from all branches of the Anaqua Community will gather in Orlando, FL to attend the 13th Annual Anaqua User Conference from March 25-28th.

This year’s user conference will kick off with two days of training for both corporate and law firm customers, followed by two days of speakers, panels, and product previews organized along four tracks: Corporate / IP Operations, Law Firms, Analytics & Services, and Executive.

This is a great opportunity for clients to share best practices and success stories and learn from your peers and see what’s in store for the Anaqua roadmap over the next 12 months. For more information about the conference or for help registering, email: anaquauserconference@anaqua.com.

What Is ACE?

The Anaqua Community Exchange website - ACE - adds an extra dimension to the client community by providing a centralized Intellectual Property knowledge base and communication channel for Anaqua clients. It is an interactive environment to capture and share the accumulated knowledge, experience and tools available within the community to improve IP management.

Anaqua clients can access ACE by clicking here.