AcclaimIP: Forward Rejections & Image File Wrapper

With AcclaimIP’s first-to-market Forward Rejection and File Wrapper data, you will be able to use information from the patent examiners for your benefit. This information will help you find patents, both in your own portfolio and others, that are useful for licensing opportunities, litigation opportunities, and more. You will be able to find all of this without having to leave the interface, or access a government or outside resource.

Forward Rejections

AcclaimIP allows you to know when the USPTO cites your patents for a Novelty (§102) or Obviousness (§103) rejection. You can use this insight into your competitors to build licensing opportunities, watch infringements against your inventions, and build a stronger portfolio. It allows the patent office to work for you to find market and competitive intelligence. You can use Forward Rejections & Image File Wrapper data to:

  • Let the patent office work for you to find substantially similar applications
  • Know when your competition is encroaching on your inventions
  • Identify licensing opportunities with companies who want to patent similar inventions
  • Use your competitor’s data to give you claim ideas for one of your open patent families
  • Discover both M&A targets and divestiture opportunities
  • Provide an early warning for known and unknown competitors moving into your space
Forward Rejections

Image File Wrapper Access

The patent file wrapper is a vital source of information if you can efficiently search the complete history. AcclaimIP has all patent file wrappers and associated documents, allowing you to rapidly search and view a patent’s file wrapper and all documents directly inside of AcclaimIP without having to access the USPTO website. You can use Image File Wrapper to:

  • Access the file wrapper from inside AcclaimIP to increase speed and productivity
  • Know your competitor’s patent history for better litigation outcomes
  • Target searches for specific data, such as amended claims, to save time and resources
  • Search for a competitor’s amendments to help determine file wrapper estoppel
  • View claims history from similar patents to provide directional insight into writing your new patent
Image File Wrapper Access