Patent Analytics

Through AcclaimIP’s patent analytics tools, you won’t just understand today’s environment, you will be able to analyze and understand trends and forecast future conditions. With patent analytics, you’ll be able to find and visualize patent information, gain unique insights into your portfolio and the market, and make more informed decisions.

Patent Analysis

There are well over 100 million patents in AcclaimIP, and each of those patents has countless data points. AcclaimIP not only helps you search for these individual data points, but more importantly, it helps you understand, digest, and compare relevant data in charts and graphs. With AcclaimIP’s Patent Analysis, you can:

  • Search any and all data points relevant to your specific needs
  • Understand, digest, and compare data points
  • Export and share your findings in various formats
  • Leverage the results to help guide your IP strategy
Patent Analysis

Technology Analysis

Through AcclaimIP, you can visualize existing technology and market trends for those technologies that inform your present strategy, and help you understand the future trends in your market. Are there more competitors working with your technology? Fewer? AcclaimIP’s helps understand how these points can lead to a stronger technology game plan and future growth. With Acclaim IP’s Technology Analysis, you can:

  • Understand the current state of your technology relative to your competitors
  • Help shape your current patenting strategy
  • Cross reference technology data points to create technology landscapes
  • Make better informed decisions
Technology Analysis

Competitive Analysis

We all have to deal with competitors on a daily basis. AcclaimIP identifies where your competition is moving and growing, and where your competitors are investing and divesting. Use AcclaimIP to help lead to a more dynamic and forward-thinking plan to keep up with your ever-changing market, and not get left behind. With AcclaimIP’s Competitive Analysis, you will have the power to:

  • Understand your competition to understand your market
  • Find the many actors in the same technology space
  • Know where your competition is headed to help shape your strategy
  • Help determine whether your competition is doing the expected, or the unexpected
  • See where your competition wants to go to find licensing opportunities
Competitive Analysis

Agent Analysis

AcclaimIP’s Agent Analysis shows you which law firms are working with which patent owners. It also enables you to identify potentially weaker players or surface weakness in your own prosecution metrics. With AcclaimIP’s Agent Analysis, you will be able to:

  • See your own metrics so that you can understand how to improve
  • Understand your competition’s metrics to drive your own decisions
  • Measure agents that work for you to ensure you are getting the quality and results you expect
  • Identify agents who consistently produce higher quality patents for future work
Agent Analysis

Prosecution Analytics

Prosecution Analytics enable you to develop a smart prosecution strategy for your patents with a unique set of charts that reveal the past behavior of the patent examiner, the law firm, and the art unit to inform and guide successful response to US office actions. 19 charts and visualizations support successful patent prosecution at each phase from responding to the first office action, requesting an interview, filing an RCE or initiating an appeal.

  • Compare statistics from multiple points of view
  • Identify examples of successful patents
  • View relevant examiner rejections and applicant responses
  • Share with colleagues even outside your organization
Prosecution Analytics