ANAQUA Law Firm: Foundation

Anaqua provides a configurable workflow engine and country rules designed to address the unique requirements of IP Law Firms. Anaqua includes a foundational set of features, such as automated system task assignments, notifications and alerts, and integrated email and document management including the option to integrate with Microsoft® Outlook and other IMAP email systems as well as Microsoft Word. The system includes a standard set of core features, plus an advanced set of optional capabilities.


Best practices from Anaqua’s client community enable you to hit the ground running. The optional advanced workflow allows further configuration with client-specific rules and a broader set of collaboration features. Workflow provides you with:

  • Prosecution Templates for all stages of prosecution and types of actions
  • Firm-specific, client-specific workflows and correspondence
  • Auto-assignment of contacts and organizations based on configurable rules
  • Surveys and review workflows streamline collaboration

Law Engine

The ANAQUA law engine executes Actions when meeting a condition such as date calculations, creation and closing of tasks, and setting field values. This increases productivity, accelerates cycle time, and reduces risk. Its key benefits include:

  • Country law files with statutory deadlines for each country and matter type
  • Quarterly law updates with new and updated laws
  • Law Engine Report to confirm the accuracy of entries before saving to a record
Law Engine

Document Management

Our integrated DMS generates, manages, and archives documents and emails. Emails sent from the system honor client-specific recipients, subject line, and body. You can sort, filter, and otherwise personalize your views of documents. All documents are available for full text search. Document Management provides law firms with:

  • Robust management of document templates and merge codes
  • Organize documents into intuitive columns including a “Trifold” view
  • Check-in / Check-out, Version Control, and Freeze capabilities that ensure secure handling
  • Document Reviews that can be automatically or manually initiated
  • Microsoft Word add-in streamlines rapid processing of many documents and avoids concerns about users saving files locally
Document Management


Reporting provides visibility and gives attorneys and executives operational and portfolio visibility. Administrators can understand resource allocation and internal metrics and respond to ad hoc questions. With ANAQUA’s reporting tools, law firms are provided with:

  • Web-based analytic tool for dynamic, interactive dashboards
  • Standard reports available via Portal for client docket, portfolio status
  • Powerful FIND tool for detailed queries with granular control of output
  • Calendar View for interactive live rolling docket with user personalization of filters and views


ANAQUA’s secure hosted infrastructure provides safe, reliable access with permissions based on each user’s role and no need to remember another password. The infrastructure avoids risk and improves operational nimbleness. ANAQUA’s key security benefits include:

  • ISO 27001 certification of Anaqua’s information security management system supporting infrastructure and services
  • SSO & Role-Based Security integrates with HR systems to avoid the need for users to manually log in, and reliably ensures permissions are removed when employees move on
  • Encryption at Rest with AES 256 encryption
  • A dedicated Secure File Transfer Protocol site enables secure file transfer between networked hosts
  • Optional Record-Level Security provides secure access at the record level with permissions based on each user account’s role
  • SSAE 16 Type II Certified Hosting Services by IBM SoftLayer with facilities in multiple locations
  • Secure remote backup, plus optional disaster recovery and business continuity