ANAQUA Services: Strategic Services for Decision Support

Today’s IP teams know they must focus on the overall business. Our strategic services help you better align your work and processes with your short and long-term business objectives. Anaqua’s Strategic Services provide industry-leading delivery and cost-effective pricing without sacrificing the quality of work an IP team must ensure.

Patent to Revenue Mapping

Tracking the IP that drives product revenue is critical for today’s corporations looking to get the most from their IP spend. Anaqua provides patent-to-revenue mapping services that can help you directly align your IP to your company’s generated revenue. Anaqua produces a report that enables you to track revenue associated with your IP. With Patent to Revenue Mapping, you can:

  • Leverage Anaqua’s significant expertise in the IP space, along with our best-in-class software applications and patent analytics
  • Utilize your IP and financial data (our tenured experts do the analysis)
  • Integrate results directly into your intellectual property management system
Patent to Revenue Mapping

Evidence of Use Analysis

Evidence of use (EOU) helps in determining the extent of overlap of claims of a patent onto a product. Evidence of Use provides a textual and graphical comparison between the claims of a patent and a product. This helps with easy and objective determination of overlap between the two. You can use Evidence of Use Analysis in many different scenarios including:

  • Potential infringement: If you suspect that any of your patent assets are being violated, or if you are in the process of selling patent assets, evidence of use study can be helpful in assessing the overlapping products
  • Licensing: Identifying the patents to license-in and license-out, as well as assessment of overlap between claims of a patent to be licensed and corresponding product suite, is crucial for a licensing negotiation
  • Potential litigation: To check that your product unknowingly infringing on others patents or to avoid trolls threats
  • Patent Value indication: Sometimes it is used to find net present value of patent using product cash flows
  • Technology: Many technologies use common subsystems or methods of achieving their means, so patent and product literature studies are critical to identifying the right target companies
Evidence of Use Analysis Services

Portfolio Analysis & Patent Pruning

Managing hundreds or thousands of patents requires a systematic review and renewal system. Our patent pruning services leverage a proprietary evaluation process to rank order all patents up for review to identify assets for deeper dive analysis. Strategically pruning a portfolio saves money on renewal costs and frees budget for innovation. With this service, you can:

  • Employ a sophisticated algorithm including Forward Rejections™ and the AcclaimIP patent score to rank all patents up for renewal
  • Review Anaqua’s recommendations regarding renewals including a detailed report with the rationale behind each recommendation
  • Integrate delivered report into your intellectual property management system and take a deeper dive of each individual patent, its strength, and strategic value
  • Make data-driven pruning decisions for your portfolio
Portfolio Analysis and Patent Pruning

Forward Examiner Rejections™

A Forward Examiner Rejection is an examiner identifying someone trying to patent technology you already protect. Anaqua provides a Forward Rejection Report that analyzes a selected portfolio identifying all Forward Rejections, the rejection type, and whose patent applications the USPTO rejected. Forward Rejections provide a new level of insight into the strength of an IP portfolio.The service allows you to identify which IP caused rejection of your competitors’ applications. A Forward Rejection report analyzes a selected portfolio to:

  • Identify potential patent infringement instances to evaluate for litigation
  • Ascertain licensing opportunities
  • Discover divestiture opportunities for patents no longer valuable to you
  • Understand your competitive landscape and new market entrants
  • Find M&A targets for your organization
  • Locate Preemptive Claiming opportunities to build broader claims for your patents
Forward Examiner Rejections