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Optimize Your IP Operations

AQX Law Firm: Optimize Your Operations

Optimize your operations with powerful IP management software that supports law firms in streamlining workflow processes and enabling your IP teams, reducing risk, and improving data accuracy.

Empower Your People

Streamline collaborative processes and embrace the high volumes of data needed to manage your firm’s IP portfolio. AQX Law Firm empowers your team with the tools needed to take their efforts to the next level:


Automate repetitive tasks and keep your team focused on the activities that provide the most value to the firm and clients.


Generate letters and PDF forms for clients, foreign associates, and internal colleagues with a single click from any matter.


Review continuously updated utilization KPIs to forecast potential bottlenecks and support continuous improvement.

Reduce Risk

Keeping your firm’s data accurate and maintaining your clients’ IP are the most important responsibilities IP professionals have. Minimize risks associated with tracking sensitive patent and trademark data by integrating your IP management software with Anaqua’s Renewals Service.


Minimize data entry errors with unmatched integration to international patent and trademark databases.


Ensure your IP data is updated, maintained and sent to you and your clients, and feel secure in the knowledge that confirmation of payments is available when you need it.


Transparency into the costs, status and process of your IP data, and renewals service.


Improve Data Accuracy

There is an increased demand for law firms to docket in both their internal IP management system and in their corporate client’s system, leading to an increase of double docketing. Not only is this inefficient, but it leaves room for error. With Anaqua Connect™, law firms and corporate legal teams can share information between their IP management systems, whether it is for filing and prosecution information or to exchange documents automatically.


Automate document exchanges, workflows, communications, and instructions with clients.


Share docketing information with no special training or extra cost – only basic configuration and permissions need to be set up to begin the process of effectively eliminating ‘double-docketing’.


Free up your docketing team from having to enter the same information in two different systems.