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ANAQUA 9: Helping Our Customers Maximize Efficiency and Value

by Bob Romeo, CEO of Anaqua

When it came to developing our latest IP platform, we listened closely to our customers and their desire for a simple, easy-to-use system that provided quicker and deeper insights into their IP management. That’s why I’m particularly proud for us to be launching our most advanced, user-friendly platform ever, ANAQUA 9.

What makes this software so unique is its ease-of-use and intuitive interface.  ANAQUA 9 enables all users – whether executives or IP professionals at corporations or their law firm attorneys and paralegals – to better understand how IP is functioning across the entire business.

Over the years, we’ve made it a priority in our product development to engage with customers and utilize their valuable feedback to help create the best IP software available on the market. This tradition has continued with ANAQUA 9. We listened to our customers and have delivered what they wanted – a software platform with a greatly simplified user interface, where customers can quickly access integrated dashboards and patent analytics that, previously, would have taken an enormous amount of time to find.

In addition to the user-engagement enhancements, ANAQUA 9 features our latest analytics tool, Forward Examiner Rejections, which gives companies the unique ability to identify which of their patents are blocking competitors’ IP activity. Configurable in multiple languages, including French, German, Japanese and Chinese, ANAQUA 9 also provides users with an inventor portal that makes it easier to submit ideas and drive patents to completion.

One of the most difficult tasks in IP management is projecting IP spend. ANAQUA 9 has that covered too, with a new Forecasting tool that calculates future IP costs.

We are excited about this release because it provides our customers with an enhanced user-experience and greater visibility and clarity in their IP management.  Whether you are a casual or experienced user, accessing IP data has never been easier.  With better analytics, integrated dashboards and the ability to calculate future IP costs, there’s no doubt that portfolio managers can finally get the most value out of their IP assets with ANAQUA 9.