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5 Requirements of Business Development and Licensing Software

Are you satisfied with your Business Development & Licensing Software?

Are you a global company looking to capitalize on breakthrough ideas and technology at any stage of development, regardless of whether they originated internally or external to your organization? Finding the right software to accelerate innovation and drive growth is easier said than done.

Below are 5 questions to ask when looking for a secure and user-friendly solution through which to scout for, evaluate, invest-in, track and manage dynamic growth opportunities.

Are you forced to adapt your partnering process to your software?

Your software should be configured to meet your internal SOP's, not the opposite. Even software that claims to be "best practice" out-of-the-box still needs to be configurable to the different needs of customers. Additionally, as your company and processes adapt, your software solution should be agile and adaptable.

ideaPoint offers ultimate configurability to meet new business requirements as they transform. A software should be a partner you can count on to help boost your team's development, and capitalize on breakthrough partnering technologies.

Do you feel limited with what you can do with your data? Frustrated by your reporting and analytics?

ideaPoint offers several reporting capabilities to visualize and extract your data on-demand. Reporting systems all have nuances, so we have combined three proven analytics packages to give every customer what works best for them.

On-demand reports, visual analytics, Excel and CSV downloadable data sets, the sky's the limit with ideaPoint reports. Utilize all the reporting options to explore the data how you want, without the limitation of out-of-the-box reports.

Is your data hosted where and how you want it?

ideaPoint offers multiple cloud hosting options to give our customers the comfort of knowing their data is safe and secure, and in the country or region of their choosing, anywhere in the world.

Does your solution provide enough transparency for your executives?

Do your subject matter experts have the access they need in order to provide necessary feedback on opportunities? Does it come at a high cost?

ideaPoint is available at no cost for subject matter expert reviewers (SME's), and those who only need access to view reports and deal details.

Do you have too many business applications that seem siloed?

ideaPoint has a constantly growing RESTful API suite that can be leveraged by any other system with a Web Service API, to create a seamless experience.

Having access to multiple data points within a single application provides visibility into all necessary data to improve the decision making process.

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