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Webinar on Demand: IP: Redefining Business Success

IP: Redefining Business Success

ANAQUA and LEADERS LEAGUE are pleased to welcome you to the following webinar session on Tuesday November 10th, 2020 dedicated to topics relating business and IP.

Over the years, the role of the IP department has continued to evolve from a mostly legal function to a powerful business function. While the legal activities constitute the majority of work performed, IP also plays a prominent role within the broader organization.

Nowadays, IP does more than support the business, it transforms the business. Not only is it possible to align IP portfolio strategy with business goals, it is essential for growth and ensuring long term profitability. For example, IP organizations can leverage business intelligence to help formulate company strategies, steer innovation to align with business goals, gain and maintain competitive advantages, guide M&A activity, protect their brand and mitigate risk, and drive value capture among others.

Join us and our renowned guest speakers to get their insights into what makes IP such a critical part of the business and why organisations worldwide should see it more as a driver for business growth. You will also find out about the tools that power this evolution and allow IP professionals to be at the forefront of their organisation.


  • Tove Fabritius de Tengnagel, Project Manager, Corporate Patents, NOVO NORDISK
  • Maximin Gourcy, Group Intellectual Capital Manager, DS SMITH
  • Vincent Brault, Senior Vice President Product, Innovation & Marketing, ANAQUA
  • Jean-Christophe Rolland, Partner, GEVERS & ORES

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Webinar on Demand: IP: Redefining Business Success