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Maintenance Fees

Anaqua Services: Maintenance Fees

Anaqua helps you ensure your payments are made timely, executed efficiently, and critical information is available to you when you want and need it.

Patent Annuities

Anaqua’s industry leading ISO 9001 certified process delivers consistent quality and dependable services paying your annuities and renewals. We support varied portfolios and deliver integrated payment services and cost savings through our volume of work. Our Annuities and Renewals services:


Reduce invoice volume and save time in accounting and finance


Make annuity and renewal decisions directly in ANAQUA, Lecorpio, or leverage our Payment Services Portal for non-software clients


Analyze payment history and remaining balances for budgeting and forecasting


Report on upcoming payments and the impact on payment and pruning decisions


Save time and reduce risk through using a single supplier

Trademark Renewals

Tracking and paying trademark renewals is a large administrative task that carries significant risk. Renewal deadlines, fees, and methods of making payment vary widely from country to country, and the laws governing renewals continue to evolve requiring constant observation.

Missing a renewal date can lead to the loss of trademark protection, affect brand awareness, and have a significant financial impact on your organization.